Spring Clean with a Detox

September 27, 2023 4 min read

Spring clean with a detox with probiotics

As summer looms closer, many turn to a detox or cleanse to farewell winter.

Whether it is to support the body after a winter of comfort foods, a general cleanse of the digestive system or support the body’s immune system, we all benefit from a regular annual detox.

On average we can carry up to 5-7kg of undigested food in our colon that goes in but doesnt come out. The only way to clear this out is by adding plenty of good live bacteria that get to work to clear out the unwanted waste.

The first thing to do to detox is to cut out certain foods. My recommendation is:
•  white flour
•  white sugar
•  refined foods
•  meat
•  sugary drinks
•  alcohol

These foods should be dropped from your diet to ensure the best result and add more: 
•  fresh fruit
•  vegetables
•  pure water

If you add and cut out the above for at least two weeks, that alone will help the body to cleanse and detoxify the digestive system and blood.

If you do this for 14 to 30 days once or twice a year, your body will be able to cleanse itself to the capacity that your wellbeing and lifestyle allows.

The more antioxidants, nutritious food and pure water you drink and eat – the better your body can regenerate and cleanse.

If you are often sick, do not get over illness easily, tired or unwell you may want to look at supporting your dietary cleanse with some supplements.

There are a number of choices; whole food powders to add to smoothies, breakfast or place in a quick easy drink of your favourite juice.

This will increase the nutrients and antioxidants in your diet to support well being and regeneration, or add herbs for specific support for liver and digestion.

These can be bought individually or in combinations depending on your needs. Always get support from your natural health specialists and take as recommended.

There are some precautions to taking a detox:

When you detox your body allows toxins to be released from your liver.
These then need to be removed through your normal digestive process. To ensure this can occur, your digestive system needs to be working properly. If it isn’t or is slow you may need a supplement that supports movement.

Headaches can occur during this time if toxins are not removed efficiently. If this occurs – drink more pure water – or lessen the detox. If in real doubt stop the detox and get advice.

A detox should not be taken when you are pregnant.
If you have medical conditions or are on medication, always discuss these with your health specialist before going on a detox.

If you cannot go on a detox; you can add whole foods and nutrients to your diet to enhance your body’s wellbeing. Some of these can be added to your diet daily. This is recommended if you have a high stress job/lifestyle, cannot always eat the most natural diet or work with chemicals.

My personal favourites:


Chlorella is the top selling health food supplement in Japan and it is estimated that over 10 million people around the world take chlorella everyday as part of their natural health regime.
It has many benefits and with its yield of rare plant nutrients can be used as a natural daily multi-vitamin with the added benefit of being a gentle internal ‘cleanse’ for the body.
Chlorella has also been used to detoxify overexposure to pesticides and insecticides. Chlorella is highly abundant in unique phytonutrients and antioxidants that can offer protection against free radicals, toxins and pollutants in our air, water and food supply.

Bentonite Clay

Also known as Montmorillonite, this clay is recognised worldwide for its healing, protecting energies. Nature is the chemist. Bentonite alkaline clay is a multi-functional mineral complex. It not only has vast mineral stores, but also a strong ionic cleansing capacity.
While re-mineralising the body it also is a gentle yet powerful whole body detox. One simple supplement – two vital functions for optimal health.

Probiotics (Immunity Fuel)

Immunity Fuel is a certified organic probiotic superfood made up of 13 strains of the Lactobacillus Bacteria family, combined with 18 certified organic whole foods in the original and 14 in the gluten free.

These have been fermented together for three weeks during which time the bacteria pre-digest the whole foods turning them into an easily absorbable source of nutrients for the body’s cells. As the bacteria have already digested the whole foods the body does not need to do any work in order to absorb all the nutrients available in the product.

Immunity Fuel helps detoxify the body from chemicals and toxins that are present everywhere in today’s environment, including food sources, water supplies, medicines and workplaces. The good bacteria clean out the digestive system and colon, where most disease starts, and the pre-digested whole-foods replace vital nutrients at a cellular level.

It is important to note that Immunity Fuel alone will not cure disease, it simply gives the body the tools it needs to heal itself, and works best taken in conjunction with a healthy and balanced diet, lifestyle and exercise.

Once the gut is working efficiently, this allows the body to heal itself of many ailments, and users of the product have seen benefits ranging from increased energy levels, improved digestion, more regular bowel movements, less susceptibility to colds and flus, and weight loss (to name a few).

Most importantly – what or whichever way you choose – it must fit you and your lifestyle. If you do not get results and it is stressful to take, it is not the right product or method for you.

There are so many different products and methods available because we are all different. This is why it is important to seek expert input to ensure you are fully informed on the most suitable diet and/or supplements for your personal requirements.  Natural health works – but it must work for you.


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