Ensure Your Child Has A Healthy Gut In 3 Simple Steps

October 28, 2022 3 min read

Ensure Your Child Has A Healthy Gut In 3 Simple Steps

Being a parent is tough. There are a million things that you have to worry about. Your child's nutrition and health is one of the big ones.

However, in this day and age, it is very easy for children to not get everything they need in their diets, despite our best efforts. Using probiotics for gut health is one way to promote a healthy digestive system.

How can we ensure that our children have healthy guts, even when we can't always feed them the exact right combinations of foods every day? Let's take a look. 

Eat Good Bacteria 

Bacteria is often associated with illness and disease. However, our digestive systems also have bacteria inside them that are actually beneficial. Eating lots of nuts, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes will ensure your child gets a regular, healthy dose of good bacteria. 

Children can also find these active cultures in yogurts. However, caution should be used when purchasing yogurt-based products marketed to children as they are often loaded with lots of sugar. Be sure to check the label. Also, note that things like yogurt covered pretzels don't have any active cultures in them whatsoever.

Avoid Antibiotics 

Antibiotics are extremely useful drugs, particularly in life threatening situations. However, these drugs kill both good bacteria and bad bacteria in our children’s guts. 

Taking a probiotic to counter the effects of any antibiotic your child is taking is extremely important, as the loss of the microbes in the gut can lead to long term complications, including food allergies. While it can be tempting to use antibiotics whenever your child gets sick, it is advised that antibiotics only be used when absolutely necessary and alsways follow with a high quality probiotic for kids.

Reduce Processed Foods 

Processed foods, such as fast food, processed meats, chips, chocolates, and so on, can lead to constipation, stomach ache and can also be detrimental to good digestive system bacteria development. 

Artificial sweeteners can also negatively impact the gut. Whenever possible, feed your child a diet of whole foods - including nuts, fruits and vegetables - to encourage better bacterial growth in the gut.

Ensure your child eats a healthy diet and stays away from anything that may damage your child’s healthy gut bacteria. For that extra boost, give your child regular high quality probiotics.

High Quality Probiotics for Kids

Immunity Fuel probiotic superfoods are effective for all ages from young children (even infants) to the elderly and everyone in between.

18 years of research and technology ensure that our probiotics are able to make it through the harsh acids in your stomach and work through the entire digestive system right from your mouth down.

And instead of having just a few strains of good bacteria, we have a special blend of multiple strains that work together to maximise the benefits to the microbiome.  

A daily dose of Immunity Fuel delivers billions of good friendly bacteria to your child’s gut (each batch is tested to ensure plenty of live viable cfu in every gram).

Our probiotics are perfect for children as they are certified organic, not genetically modified, sugar free, dairy free, preservative free, free of artificial colours and flavours, no fillers or chemicals and we have certified gluten free options. We pack only the good into our probiotic supplements and there are no nasties – just perfectly natural probiotic & prebiotic rich whole food nutrition.

And best of all, our probiotics are suitable for the whole family – you don’t need separate products for differnt family members – these are natural probiotics that everyone needs – simply adjust the dose accordingly – even great for the family pet!!

Immunity Fuel is a certified organic probiotic powder which is suitable for the whole family, and kids only need a small amount to get the good gut bacteria they need. To order your probiotics for gut health and keep your child’s digestive system in good condition, visit the Immunity Fuel online store today!