Living with Coeliac disease and how I finally got my life back - Lynda Castle

June 22, 2020 4 min read

Probiotics for coeliacs

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

My name is Lynda and I’m 68 years old, wow, that’s come along so fast. I’ve retired from the paid workforce nowdays but over the years I’ve done a variety of jobs and owned several businesses. I’ve travelled a reasonable amount and lived in a few countries. Nowdays I spend my time with family, gardening and I love keeping up with the cryptocurrency world.

Needless to say health issues have been a big part of my life and I have listened to many expert Dr’s and Scientists who think outside the box and at last I think they are on the right track. The Gut controls most of our health issues! I think I could have told them that years ago.

I first started having gut issues after a serious food poisoning episode overseas, that was over 20 years ago and little did I know that it was coming to take up permanent residence. My diet had gone haywire as one day I could tolerate something and not the next, so frustrating. Worst of all I couldn’t tolerate fruit and veges very well and was huge for me as they were a mainstay of my usual diet.

My diet became very restrictive but then I didn’t know then what I know now. Although I’ve never been into junk food I was obviously eating all the wrong things and doing more damage in the meantime.

Do you follow a gluten free lifestyle? If so, why and how has it made a difference to your health?

About six years ago I decided to go mainly gluten free after watching Dr Perlmutter on the Gluten Fee Summit. I had been checked for coeliac via a biopsy years before and as I received a negative result I wasn’t 100% serious about it. I just cut out bread thinking that was good enough. Recently I visited a Holistic Dr who is specialising in gut issues he explained what gluten was and how it’s the amino acids in the gluten that is the issue. It’s in other foods as well as grains. He ordered a DNA test and it came back as positive for coeliac disease. Imagine my shock and the realisation of the damage that has been done to my digestive system over the years.

Before taking Immunity Fuel Gluten Free what kind of symptoms and health problems were you experiencing?

Before I started taking Immunity Fuel (IF) I was suffering the usual IBS symptoms ie; cramping pain, bloating, gas, fatigue etc. One of the most debilitating things about having gut issues is the way that it affects your mental health. Leaving the house is a huge issue for me. The anxiety of being somewhere where you are out of sight or distance from a toilet seems to set the whole system working. I couldn’t go shopping without having to use the toilet, again frustrating indeed. There are so many thousands of people living like this so I’m not alone I know. I was very fortunate that I had a very understanding husband.

Since taking Immunity Fuel gluten free what have been the changes to these symptoms and health problems?

I can honestly say since I started on IF most of those symptoms have either disappeared or significantly lessened in severity and regularity. Not completely gone but then again I have a great deal of damage done and I’ve only been on IF less than 6 months. Most of the time now I can get into the car drive off and also go shopping without thinking about the toilet which is a huge amazing advance for me. Thank you Immunity Fuel.

How have you been feeling generally health wise since taking Immunity Fuel?

On the whole I feel a lot better, more energy, sleeping very well, pain all but gone. 
I still have the odd upset day but it’s usually from something that I’ve eaten.

What, if any changes have you made to your diet and lifestyle since taking Immunity Fuel?

My diet is much the same as before but I have obviously taken all gluten out of the picture. I have always eaten mostly home baked and fresh food and have tried to keep away from anything in a package. So overall I guess I’m more into the Paleo style diet. I pretty much grew up on that anyway and it seems to suit me fine.

A lot of people say they notice better sleep and more energy since taking Immunity Fuel, have you noticed that as yet?

Yes I do sleep better and it’s so nice to get out of bed refreshed. To wake up and see that the clock says 6 or 7 am instead of 2 or 3am is a blessing.

How do you take Immunity Fuel and ensure it fits into your daily routine?

I take mine in water in the morning before breakfast. It’s easy on the palate and you just know that it’s doing you good and setting you up for the day. Needless to say I absolutely love Immunity Fuel. It is the only product that has delivered real results for me. I have tried pretty much everything out there, pills, potions and endless products, all to no avail. 

Thank you Immunity Fuel for giving me a brighter and healthier future. I love it!