Why are fermented foods so good for us?

September 04, 2017 4 min read

Why are fermented foods so good for us?
Fermentation is a key factor in getting the best out of the food we eat. Through this process the bacteria change the original food into a nutrient dense form of the food.

What is fermentation?

Fermentation is a natural metabolic process that occurs when bacteria break down foods, turning proteins & carbohydrates into amino acids and creating easily absorbable nutrients, vitamins, amino acids, and digestive enzymes.
This means that the bacteria are actually pre-digesting the food so the nutrient value is available for instant absorption by our bodies, and our digestive system doesn’t need to do any work to break the food down.  
If food is too hard to digest, and we don’t have the bacteria in our gut to help with the process, this is when we run into digestive and gastro intestinal disorders.
It is important to understand bacteria’s role in the fermentation process but also in our digestive process. In our gut, one of the main things that breaks food down is bacteria, turning it into amino acids & nutrients which our bodies can then use.
If you want to get the best out of your food, and eliminate digestive issues, it is vital that you take a good quality, living probiotic such as Immunity Fuel.

Fermentation & allergies

Allergies are an immune response caused by a reaction to certain substances, and the body releases antibodies which trigger the symptoms.  

These can often be caused or exacerbated by a lack of or low levels of beneficial microflora in the gut, as these good guys help to enhance the immune system and break down the proteins that can cause the allergic reaction. 

Because fermented foods add huge amounts of beneficial probiotics into the body, and the proteins have been pre-digested by the bacteria, often people with an allergy to a certain food have no issue with the same food once it has been fermented, as the bacteria have already broken it down.


Many people experience health issues due to sensitivities or intolerance to gluten. Sometimes this can be due to a lack of good bacteria in the gut, so re-population of this good bacteria can ease the issue in many cases. 

Often products containing gluten that have been fermented pose no issue at all as the protein has been pre-digested by the bacteria. In extreme cases, such as Coeliac disease, this may not be the case and even a tiny bit of gluten could have a detrimental effect.  

Immunity Fuel probiotic superfoods are fermented, and in the original formula this means that 98% of the gluten protein has been turned into an amino acid by the bacteria. Therefore, most people can use the original formula. The gluten free formula, which is guaranteed gluten free and has 0% gluten present, is perfect for those with Coeliac disease. These products will assist in the replacement of good bacteria and balance of the microbiome required to ease issues with digestion.


The digestibility of foods containing lactose, by those who have a moderate problem with lactose digestion, appears to be improved when the food is fermented.

It is also believed that the presence of live lactobacilli bacteria in the gut also improves the digestion of lactose in those foods not fermented before consumption. This is due to the enzymes which are capable of breaking down the lactose from foods into a more suitable form for digestion.

Immunity Fuel products are all dairy free, and the bacteria present in the products may have a positive effect on the ability to digest lactose by those who find themselves intolerant.


Soybeans are one of the world’s most nutritious superfoods, containing a wealth of nutrients, vitamins, and organic compounds. Soybeans are however, difficult to digest, and this is why fermenting them, and letting the bacteria pre-digest the protein and starch for you, is key to getting all the goodness of this superfood out and into our bodies cells.

Even those people with allergies to soy may find that they can tolerate soybeans which have been fermented due to this pre-digestion of the protein, which is what causes the allergic reaction in the first place.

In saying this it is of course important to make sure that soybeans are not only fermented, but also certified organic and GMO or GE free. It is more often than not that GMO Soy is what has caused many people digestive issues.

Fermented probiotic superfoods

Immunity Fuel probiotic superfoods are pre-digested, naturally fermented superfoods which are certified organic and non-GMO. The beneficial bacteria are a natural part of our food chain which are lacking in today’s diets due to the over-processing of our foods which reduces vitamin & mineral content. The wholefoods are combined with the bacteria and beneficial yeasts using an exclusive fermentation process,  , which ensures active, viable bacteria and pre-digested, natural nutrients. Only the finest grains, legumes, grasses, herbs, and spirulina available are used to make our products.

During the 3-week fermentation process, the bacteria pre-digest the wholefoods and the resulting powder is made up of all the goodness in the form of nutrients, amino acids, digestive enzymes & probiotics that can be instantly absorbed by the body.  

This also means, that the superfood powder does not actually contain each wholefood, but rather the resulting product of the fermentation process – i.e. the goodness of each wholefood combined.

So basically, you are getting all the goodness and none of the bad stuff (in the form of allergens to some people), and you are getting it instantly without your body having to do any work to digest it all.

Sounds good? Well it is really, and it’s quite simple – just 1 teaspoon per day of Immunity Fuel gives you all the live bacteria and fermented wholefood nutrition required to lead a healthy life.